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God’s unsurpassing love for His rebellious children

Being a mom is so much harder than I ever imagined. I remember foolishly thinking that parenting would come naturally, and that, since I had good parents, I would just be a good parent. Imagine my shock when I found my children not to be sweet little moldable lumps of clay but feisty and strong-willed… Continue reading God’s unsurpassing love for His rebellious children

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The Uvalde Shooting – How we got here

I haven’t had any time to process the Uvalde School shooting, but I am utterly devastated. I found out about it yesterday at about 4 PM. Sobbed briefly in my husband’s arms when he got home at 4:30, and then headed off to a tee ball game numb and sickened. It was Trevor’s last game… Continue reading The Uvalde Shooting – How we got here

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Learning to Live With Asthma

Note: All images and content in this blog post are copyrighted and belong to Elizabeth Abrahamsen. This blog post may not be reproduced in part or in whole on any other website or page. Any reposting of images or text from this page is subject to legal action. One day in November 2020 Eric and… Continue reading Learning to Live With Asthma

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Surviving Mommy Wine Culture

It’s an unpopular topic, but it needs to be said. We have a toxic culture around wine and motherhood. Alcohol is being marketed to moms at an unprecedented rate. Not only alcohol, but products touting alcohol usage specifically by young mothers. You don’t have to look very far to see what I mean. These images… Continue reading Surviving Mommy Wine Culture

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THIS is What Our Grandparents Did Right

Technology has absolutely exploded in the past few decades, making life today unrecognizable from what it was only 50 years ago. Technological advances have changed everything from everyday communication to how nations conduct warfare. Progress is incredible, as long as we don’t forget the lessons of the past. I’m part of the odd, half generation… Continue reading THIS is What Our Grandparents Did Right

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Freelance Acrobatics: Weird Places I’ve Worked

Working from home is sometimes a misnomer. Sometimes freelancers and remote employees work from anywhere but home. That’s not something I understood when I first started out doing this. When I quit my office job in 2013 I actually had no plans to become a freelancer. I just wanted to stay home with my kids.… Continue reading Freelance Acrobatics: Weird Places I’ve Worked


6 Ways Being a Parent is Like Being a Psychopath

Okay hold up. Because I know some of y’all read that headline and your head immediately caught fire with the flames of indignation. Before you head to the comment section to tell me off about what a miracle parenting is, take a few deep breaths, I know that. This is comedy. Having said that, it’s… Continue reading 6 Ways Being a Parent is Like Being a Psychopath