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The Uvalde Shooting – How we got here

I haven’t had any time to process the Uvalde School shooting, but I am utterly devastated. I found out about it yesterday at about 4 PM. Sobbed briefly in my husband’s arms when he got home at 4:30, and then headed off to a tee ball game numb and sickened. It was Trevor’s last game… Continue reading The Uvalde Shooting – How we got here

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How Not to be a Pharisee

The prophecies of the bible are one of its greatest mysteries. Though many claim to understand them, it’s likely that few actually do. In Matthew chapter 13 the bible says of us, “Though seeing, they do not see, though hearing, they do not hear or understand.” The people tasked with interpreting biblical prophecies in Jesus’s… Continue reading How Not to be a Pharisee

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Words Have Power

One of my core childhood memories starts in my dad’s home office. He was working on something on the computer and really only paying half attention to me. I was complaining about something and I don’t recall exactly what pessimistic thing I said, what prediction of doom my 10 year old brain shared, but it… Continue reading Words Have Power

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Surviving Mommy Wine Culture

It’s an unpopular topic, but it needs to be said. We have a toxic culture around wine and motherhood. Alcohol is being marketed to moms at an unprecedented rate. Not only alcohol, but products touting alcohol usage specifically by young mothers. You don’t have to look very far to see what I mean. These images… Continue reading Surviving Mommy Wine Culture

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Texas Woman Uses Apples to Help Catch Horses Loose on Freeway

Some situations just call for country girl skills. That’s what happened this morning when a woman used apples from her lunchbox to help catch a couple of runaway horses on State Highway 130, the road with the highest speed limit in the nation. Here in Texas horses are not a rare sight, however, it’s still… Continue reading Texas Woman Uses Apples to Help Catch Horses Loose on Freeway

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Heart Wrenching Tweet Has Huge Impact on Small Business Owner in Texas.

Owning your own business is a dream shared by many Americans, but when one man decided to open a donut shop in Missouri City, Texas, he found himself by-and-large without many customers, and his dream perilously close to dissolving. However his fortunes have changed, with the help of one tweet. Austin-based photographer Billy By saw… Continue reading Heart Wrenching Tweet Has Huge Impact on Small Business Owner in Texas.