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Texas Nurses Receive a Sweet Surprise from a Generous Texan and a Girl Scout

A thoughtful gesture put smiles on the faces of some nurses in Central Texas last Thursday when a man and a little girl delivered a very large order of cookies.

On Thursday, March 4th Pflugerville Brownie Sophia Reid accompanied William Brunton to Seton Medical Center and Dell Seton in Austin to deliver 200 boxes of Caramel Delites girl scout cookies to grateful nurses.

Sophia Reid and William Brunton pose with the cookie boxes. On each box a message was taped that read: “To our amazing healthcare professionals, Thank you for everything that you do each and everyday for all fo us! Please enjoy these amazing Girl Scout cookies and we hope that it will bring a smile or two to your day during these challenging times! -William Brunton and the whole Apex Wireless team”

Mr. Brunton said of the delivery, “We wanted to thank them for everything they do from 16 hour shifts and sleeping on floors in cold hallways to walking 6 miles in the cold and so much more during this pandemic. Our goal was to bring a smile or two during this very challenging time, and I think we succeeded.”

Nurses have been the front line workers of the global pandemic, putting their own comfort aside to care for COVID patients worldwide. Some have posted pictures of the deep lines etched into their skin from wearing constrictive and stiflingly hot personal protective equipment (PPE). Many also began living in separate quarters from their families to prevent them from exposing their loved ones to COVID by proxy.

The nurses were “delited” to receive the sweet treats.

Nine-year-old Sophia is a Brownie in her third year of girl scouts, and she has been the top cookie seller in her troop every year so far. Sophia said of the cookie drop off, “I loved it because I got to interact with new people and because I haven’t seen a lot of people in such a long time.”

“Due to COVID, we couldn’t go inside, but Sophia met several nurses caring for COVID patients as well as the Chief Operating Officer,” Sophia’s mom, Leslie Reid, said.

Nine-year-old Sophia Reid shows the message taped to each box of girl scout cookies.

Brunton is the owner of Apex Wireless and he has been using his business to help Texans during the pandemic. As reported by WeWork, Apex Wireless supplied 30,000 wireless hotspots last summer (through CARES Act funding) to be able to connect Texas families to remote learning during the 2020-2021 school year. In addition to that, Apex Wireless partnered with a nonprofit organization called Communities In Schools to provide 350 tablets and 300 chromebooks to at-risk children in the state of Texas.

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