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Stupid Pinterest Projects You Shouldn’t Try


Might as well face it, you’re addicted to Pinterest. Where else would you go to find a recipe for whiskey bacon wrapped fried stuffed jalapeños? Or 10 exercises to get a natural butt lift? Or 15 new ways to reuse old wine bottles? That one actually might be useful now that I think of it (she typed, one handed, sipping merlot).

Pinterest is like a creativity vampire, sucking your life away. But it’s a hot Tom Cruise, Rob Pattinson-esque vampire, so you just sit there and let it happen. Trust me, I know. My electronic hoarding on Pinterest has reached epic proportions. It’s downright hysterical to imagine I’d be able to do even half the things I pinned if I had nine lives like the hilarious internet cats I’m always pinning to my ever expanding humor board.

I have resigned my fate, but there’s still hope for you! Click through to read this list I wrote for Wide Open Country of hilarious Pinterest projects that you shouldn’t pin but probably will. In the meantime I think I’ll make myself a bento box lunch with a sandwich shaped like Batman.

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